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Gwendolyn J. Jones, MA

About MAJORfit

Dear MAJORfit,


When I think about an Olympic swimmer, an NBA Allstar, or a successful gymnast, I see you! Yes, you!  The medal the swimmer and gymnast don and the basketball player’s shiny ring, are tokens that honor a challenge these athletes have accepted and a mission they have completed. The mission started long before the ring or medal manifested.  The mission began with a decision these individuals made early on, to be the best version of themselves. No matter the cost.  Do you see yourself yet?  I certainly do.  How? You ask.  Because you too are on a mission and have made the decision to become the best version of yourself. By picking up this book you’ve coupled the decision with action!  Deciding that you want to be better is easy, getting up and doing something about it, that’s next level!   


I write to remind you that YOU MATTER!  I write to empower you to take the necessary steps to face your past and regain control of your life! I write to cheer you on and to tell you that you can do this, it’s not too late.  Finally, I write to share my story, to validate, affirm and confirm, that you are not alone.    


Your journey begins now, I’m excited for you, I believe in you. More importantly, when you complete this book, my hope is that you’ll be proud of and believe in yourself!  Everything you need to complete your mission is already inside of you.  All we have to do is find it and activate it.  You may not have your ring yet, but keep trying, keep choosing to work on you, keep striving to be better and soon you’ll look in the mirror with pride and realize that you’re no misfit, you are a MAJORfit.  


You’ve got this, I’m already proud of you.  Let’s work!


~Sending big hugs, faith, and so much love~


Gwendolyn J. B. Jones, MA

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

Co-Founder of A Safe Place: Emotional Wellness Institute




"You matter. You are worth the work. Gwendolyn Jones invites you to embrace these truths as she shares her heart, a wealth of wisdom and practical steps for application. You will be challenged, affirmed and inspired."

LaShona Sellers, Writer and Blogger, The Published Journey

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