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About Gwendolyn

My Story

     I’m Gwendolyn Jones, Wellness Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Mentor, and Counselor.  I want to share a story with you about a young girl whose story begins with a beautiful perfectly, imperfect family filled with support, love, and acceptance.  This young lady was academically gifted and developed into an ambitious, independent adult.  Now a college graduate, she soon finds herself attending a ministry that she loves, working in her dream career, married to a talented handsome king, and mommy to two beautiful babies.  This dream life that everyone admired, quickly turned into her worst nightmare. 


     As a young mom, trying to build a career with two children seemed impossible and a social life was simply out of the question.  Isolated and trapped, she began to feel like an outsider, she struggled to balance career and family and finally convinced herself that she was a shadow, meant to hide in the background while supporting her husband and children who were born for the stage, forfeiting any dreams of her own.  She was unhappy and although she was surrounded by people, she was the loneliest she’d ever been.  Now in her thirties, she lost the one person that understood her and made her feel safe, her Mommy Dearest, to colon cancer.  Unable to process this grief she further isolated and begin to bury herself in her work.  For the next few years, she simply existed.  She loved her God but questioned her faith.  She knew better existed, but she couldn’t find the bridge to reach it.  She was voiceless with so much to say, and she was so desperate to belong that she removed all boundaries and lost all control of her time and ultimately her life.  One day her beloved Pastor introduced her to a program that changed her life, The Grief Recovery Method.  She did her work, faced her past, and was finally able to grieve the loss of Mommy Dearest.  For the first time in years, when she looked into the mirror, she saw beauty, confidence, purpose, and freedom.  

    This is my story and the story of countless women facing similar situations.  I am 37 years old and just now confident enough to say boldly that, “I MATTER!” For most of my life, I was bound by the chains of fear, approval seeking, low self-esteem, and comparison, but now I am FREE and UNAPOLOGETICALLY ME! I exist to empower women to recover from past pains and regain control of their life! 

    YOU MATTER! What you say matters, how you feel matters, and what you see when you look into the mirror matters!  I’ve done my work, now let me help you do yours!  You don’t have to live in bondage, freedom is within reach, just waiting on you to ask for help. 

Formal Biography

Gwendolyn Jones, M.A. is an advanced Grief Recovery specialist with a passion to empower women to face and recover from past pains in order to fully embrace their future and regain control of their life.   Her Wellness Coaching program focuses on Grief Recovery, boundary setting, and advancement from negative to positive self-perception. She believes that love conquers all and has successfully led countless women to recovery through her unique ability to create safety by conveying unconditional love and the application of various supportive counseling strategies.  She along with her husband, partnered with The Grief Recovery Institute and founded A Safe Place, Emotional Wellness Institute, LLC in October 2017.  


The Wellness Institute has three focuses: Grief Recovery, Marriage Mentoring, and Wellness Coaching.  Gwendolyn coined the term Emotional Wellness Specialist and together, she and her husband are pioneers in bringing awareness to the field of emotional health.  You may enter the Wellness Institute nervous and afraid, but our guarantee is that you will leave feeling loved, accepted, enlightened, and empowered!

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